relax. be one with your IT.

Today’s fast-paced environment is tough on everybody from management to front line workers. We recognize that employees and clients alike are happier when everything works more efficiently and effectively, reaching a state of total zen.

become the master of your own ROI.

McMillan creates peace of mind with custom-designed IT solutions and Computer Network Systems that are more human friendly, for both internal and external end-users. Built for today, prepared thoughtfully for the future, and ready for the demands of market changes, McMillan IT efficiencies produce a level of calm that pays dividends.

there’s more than one path to tranquility

Our scaleable solutions are designed to make YOUR life easier.

Option 1:

virtual peace-of-mind, available 24/7

Option 2:

perfect alignment with your existing IT team

Option 3:

building your own IT Nirvana

our greatest power is our happy customers.

We listen and understand first, then solve complex IT issues next. Our customers feel it’s a path to enlightenment, as they can tell you.

“McMillan is like our air traffic control.”

Steve Franks
Manager, Information Technology
ADCO Manufacturing

“Now we can grow incrementally with a system that supports us today.”

Kiran Thakkar
Director of Information Technology

chaos vs harmony?

True bliss is achieved when assets that could be adversely affected by a cyberattack are identified and evaluated for potential impact. In other words, feeling secure comes with a security strategy that matches your organization’s actual level of risk tolerance. Sound good? Let’s get started.

it’s easy to keep calm with tech like this.