may we share these moments of enlightenment?

We never stop being thankful for having great clients. And we are especially honored when they thank us.

“McMillan is like our air traffic control; they keep the planes in the air and stop ‘em from crashing.”

Steve Franks
Manager, Information Technology
ADCO Manufacturing

“With our old system, we were resource-constrained and performance-inhibited. Now we can grow incrementally with a system that supports us today and provides headroom for growth.”

Kiran Thakkar
Director of Information Technology

industries we serve

We provide specialized IT solutions for a vast array of industries including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Food Processing
  • Professional Services
  • Health Care Services

How can we help with YOUR business?

what we look for in a client

We have found these attributes often lead to the most rewarding relationships:

  • Open communication
  • Collaborative relationship
  • Involvement in strategic long-term planning from an IT perspective
  • Organizations looking for a trusted partner versus just a service provider

Basically, we’re looking for YOU!