Your Business’ Technology Is Our Business.

Industry expertise is paired with proprietary technology to create a secure, comprehensive, and intuitive IT solution.

Our Capabilities

With our many years of experience, McMillan Consulting has developed a technology strategy that enables its clients to make sound investments in information systems.

Our Approach

McMillan supports your business at the network, application, and device levels. Unlike traditional solutions, McMillan It Engineering’s support model features IT capabilities that are proactive, comprehensive, and customized to your needs.


During onboarding, we'll create a detailed view of your organization's IT environment and make recommendations to move forward successfully.


We'll work to implement and standardize processes that follow IT best practices, ensuring that your network, applications, and devices are up-to-date and secure.


From day-to-day technical issues and employee on and offboardings to office moves and network management, we'll manage your entire IT infrastructure.

Kickstart Your IT Today!